You Don’t Know These Unknown Facts About Marijuana (Weed, POT)


Marijuana is a variety of dried, shredded leaves and flowers from the marijuana plant. It could often be green, brown, or gray.

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There are many solutions to use marijuana. People can:

  • roll marijuana up and smoke it for instance a cigarette (called a joint) or a cigar (called a blunt)
  • smoke marijuana in a pipe
  • mix it in food and eat it or brew it as a tea
  • smoke oils from the marijuana plant (that is called “dabbing”)
  • use electronic vaporizers (“vape pens”) to “vape”
  • marijuana oil
  • Dabbing and vaping are increasing.

Marijuana can make you are feeling silly, relaxed, sleepy, and happy-or nervous and scared. It might change your senses of sight, hearing, and touch. Marijuana helps it be hard to trust clearly. In rare cases, some people learn to see things that are not real, called hallucinations.

Some slang names for marijuana are:

  • Weed
  • Pot
  • Grass
  • Herb
  • Boom

Signs of Marijuana Use

Someone taking marijuana can:

  • get dizzy
  • laugh for no reason
  • have red, bloodshot eyes
  • forget things that just happened

Marijuana makes you feel like time is slowing down. Minutes can feel like hours. Aswell, everyday sights, sounds, and tastes may seem really interesting or funny.

Marijuana can make you feel very hungry. You intend to eat lots of processed foods. Some folks call this “the munchies.”

Final Words

Individuals who smoke marijuana often smell enjoy it afterwards. Marijuana smells sweeter than cigarette smoke. A person might use incense, cologne, or perfume to attempt to hide the smell.