Top 5 Great American Writers To Consider In The Essay in 2020

Literature as an art features many horizons; it offers books, articles, critical critiques, and essays. At university, teachers assign homework composing tasks. Essays by well-known American writers aim to prepare college students for the potential job challenges associated with publishing. Famous American authors who’ve introduced world’s very best novels accomplished preferred essays. Some of them explain one’s life. Other famous American writers represent indigenous history of that period. 19th century was especially abundant for the great essays.

Source: Five Great American Writers To Consider In The Essay

Top 5 Great American Writers To Consider In The Essay in 2020

#1. James Baldwin

The first gentleman to recall is James Baldwin. Born in 1924, the boy was raised with his stepfather who was simply an exemplar priest. Baldwin grew up with 8 kids; he has never known anything about his dad, consequently his pain is sensed in such portions as “Notify me when the coach left” or “Giovanni’s Bedroom.” His literary career were only available in Greenwich Village. That place wanted his hero who could cheer up the neighborhood population moving into poverty.

The majority of Baldwin’s texts oppose relevant for that point racism, explaining people should be all equal. Regular episodes force the prominent artist to transfer to France.

Best essays ever include several popular works of author:

  • “Notes of a good Native Son”
  • “The Evidence of Things Not Seen”
  • “The cost of the Ticket”

#2. Scott Fitzgerald

Scoot F. Fitzgerald, born in 1896, is popular US short story article writer and novelist. He very best illustrates the Jazz Years; Fitzgerald is a focused, honored member of “Lost Generation” (1920s). 164 essays out of 4 collections of short testimonies were published in preferred American mags during his lifetime.

Fitzgerald was a good person who described the motivation and excesses of his get older. Fitzgerald is the writer of popular “THE FANTASTIC Gatsby,” that was remastered and filmed two times. Other famous author’s gets results are:

  • “This Part of Paradise”
  • “The Beautiful and the Damned”

#3. Norman Mailer

The citizen of NJ from the Jewish family were able to create several masterpieces. American artist Normal Mailer completed Harvard; this university built him love literature. At the age of 18, he began his writer’s job. Harvard rewarded the popular writer with corresponding appreciation.

The best essays of Mailer include:

  • “The Presidential Papers”
  • “Pieces and Pontifications” (dedicated to Little Boston’s Life)

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#4. Joan Didion

Female author Joan Didion is still available: she came from California and started to write her opening essays at age five. While her parents spend entire times at work, the little girl tried to learn all possible books within their apartment. Her Bachelor Degree (Arts and English words) helped her passion. She is among the well known essay authors of the 20th century as Didion predetermined modern culture by working in “Vogue” magazine. The favorite author’s works involve:

  • “Salvador.”
  • “Run.”
  • “After Henry” (focused on Earth)

#5. Ernest Hemingway

Among all writers in US history, Hemingway was the real master of phrase; he unveiled the shortest essays/stories made of six words! This preferred American genius designed his special style which continues to be copied by contemporary artists. Every essay he wrote was easy to read. He avoided introducing new issues or using complex phrases; you can view it from his most well-known essays:

  • “The Garden of Eden”
  • “In Our Time”
  • “SUNLIGHT Also Rises”
  • “The Old Gentleman and the ocean”

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